Wer wir sind


Unsere Greenpeace Gruppe in Kleve setzt sich aus jungen Leuten verschiedener Nationen zusammen, die sich für die Umwelt engagieren wollen. Wir sind stets auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern. Wenn Ihr Teil unserer tollen Gruppe werden wollt, kommt zu unserem nächsten Treffen oder kontaktiert uns über info@kleve.greenpeace.de.



We are here to bring a group of volunteers together to do regional work in combating environmental pollution. While we know that we, as a small group of students here in Cleve, will not be able to have a big influence on global environmental politics, but we can reach the people living right here.

The foundation process to establish our place within Greenpeace and within our university hasn’t always been easy, but we believe that we can be proud of the work and the successes we’ve achieved so far. Our ambition is to draw attention to environmentally harming behaviour and avoidable pollution of our daily life for which we show alternatives of attitudes. We want to change the mindset and raise the environmental awareness of the students and the locals.

Two things are here very important. Firstly, you should start reflecting on your behaviour and be aware of the consequences of your actions. This can be little things such as keeping the water running while you brush your teeth or heating with your windows open, but all these aspects add up and contribute to environmental pollution.

Secondly, everyone should know that the effects of climate change and even environmental catastrophes will be affecting our generation in the near future. In some parts of the world, they already do. This means that we cannot just put this issue aside to worry about it later. Now is the time to realise that we cannot continue as we do at the moment.

Don’t believe that you as just one person alone cannot change anything. The sum of our actions does have a notable impact on the world. Let’s be a part of it.

Greenpeace Kleve

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